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Hold Up Your Torch

Why do you want to burn?

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Permission to Wait Three More Days

You've got a friend in me

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Nourish Your Central Nervous System

Connecting the nodes in your body

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How It Fits into Your Life

Hear from Amanda, Danielle and James

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make miracles a normality.

Our mission is to revive classic tools of fitness with technology to make them more fun for the young generation.

Grab a Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope today!

Exactly How Does It Add Fire to Your Life?

Jam Packed with Benefits

  • Track Your Goals on the App

    Did you know that you are twice as likely to hit your goals, if you track your goals real-time?

    In fact, the more frequently you check in on your progress toward your goal, the more likely you are to succeed, according to research from the American Psychological Association.

  • Superior Design

    Modern design and colors to choose from. Gone are the days of having black as the only option.

    You can express your taste through your workout equipment.

    White, Pink and Black available.

  • Advanced Hardware Functions! Attention BOXERS and ATHLETES

    On the handle itself, you can set a timer and start skipping to see how many skips you can do in the given time (i.e. one minute).

    The jump rope will beep and vibrate when the set time is up. You can do the same with a set number of skips. (More details on the Smart Jump Rope tab at the top)

    You can do double unders with our rope and incorporate the skipping rope into your boxing, crossfit, MMA, agility training and HIIT training.  

  • Two Kinds of Ropes in One Package

    With the indoor ropes, you can work out inside while you watch Youtube at night. You can also jump for 5 minutes every hour while working from home.

    Both indoor and outdoor ropes are included in one package.

    Superior rope quality! The rope is just at the right weight.

    The ball bearings keep the rope turning smoothly, which is important for building momentum.

Time Tested, Renewed

Tried and true, the jump rope as a fitness equipment has stood the test of time.

And now, we are bringing back the basics to you in a better way.

Introducing the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope.

Our Brand Characters

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