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Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope Review

Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope Review

By James Corporon

            If you’re a fan of exercise or smart devices, the Fresh Fire jump rope has you covered! While there are other devices on the market that serve similar functions, the Fresh Fire Jump Rope is at a particular price for its features and included aspects that make it a great deal at a great value.

            In this review, we’re going to go over the main aspects of the product, cover the biggest features and the best things this product has to offer, as well as illustrate some of the smaller conveniences and benefits that the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope has to offer you that other competitors do not possess.

Let’s start off by diving into the specifications of the product itself.


Above: Back of the box, before opening.

Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope Product Specifications

            The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope comes in with a few different objects in its packaging when you first open the box. Included inside are two handles, the 3m rope, the two balls, the cable holders, the rope tips, and two AAA batteries, which the device requires to be able to function. Right away, for the price point ($40), the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope has enough to offer to be able to compete with other smart jump ropes on the market.

             The cable is long enough to support even much taller people, so you don’t need to worry about it being too small if you feel as if you’re going to struggle from trying to jump over it. Similarly, if you’re shorter and you’re not certain you’ll be able to use it effectively, it’s fairly easy to shorten the distance of the rope down to something more manageable. Most people will not use the full length of the 3m rope, but it’s still a good idea to make certain the smart jump rope is usable for everyone who buys it.

             The rope wire is made out of PVC, and it’s noticeably firm and strong without being overly stiff or too inflexible. Generally, the rope doesn’t tangle, though it can get twisted up a little bit if you’re really making a bunch of awkward movements from various angles. It gets corrected quickly, however, and doesn’t usually cause a problem while jumping the rope.

            The other parts of the rope are durable, and feel good to use. There’s not a real issue with the handles of the rope, or the rope tips or rope holders. Everything is made out of parts that are affordable but don’t break too easily.

Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope Product Features

            The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope has several different important product features that set it apart from other smart devices of its kind. While it’s obvious that it’s supposed to be used for exercise, an overlooked factor of this product is how much easier it makes tracking your progress compared to other devices. The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope contains things like daily, weekly, and monthly goals to make it easier to track how much you’ve used your rope, for how often, and for how long.


Above: front page of the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope app.

             All of this is done through the app, which you can download on either ioS or an Android phone. This is required to use the smart jump rope, so it’s recommended that you do so as soon as possible and try to get the jump rope set up.

             Once you do, you’ll find that the app and the jump rope are synchronized and intended to be used at the same time together. You can use the app to set specific goals, such as starting off by jumping rope for five or ten minutes and checking how many calories you’ve burned or what kind of heart rate you’re keeping.

             Tracking the goals even goes up to the year: so you can compare over the course of an entire year and track your progress and see how well you were doing compared to previous months or previous stretches of time.


Above: graphs that can show how many calories you burned or skips you performed on a specific day, week, month, or year-long time period.

             That’s really one of the best parts of the Fresh Fire Jump Rope -- the app is the best out of all of its kind, even when comparing it to some of the apps of the other top smart jump rope devices. The app was designed in mind to cover the holes that some of the other competitors had in their product: having better detection of skips/jumps, offering different skipping modes for the rope and various other exercises, and just generally having a bigger, more flexible set of uses that the app can be used for. The Fresh Fire Jump Rope itself is made out of good materials, but the app really sets it out apart from the rest of the competition.

Using the Jump Rope


Above: You generally want to measure the rope to about armpit level when you use it; this is just a general jump rope rule to check if the rope is at the correct length to be used.

             So, how well does the rope function when you actually use it?

             It functions very well. The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope is designed to be easy to use so you can hop right into exercising. While someone who is more savvy at jump-roping or a bit more experienced at the activity will have a better time, even a novice is able to learn well enough that they can jump rope too. I don’t really workout often but the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope is fun and easy to use and makes you want to use it more.

             As an example, hitting your goals in the app is a fun thing -- it feels good to make daily progress on something, I think most people would agree -- and this leads to repeat visits with the rope and the app as often as you can handle it or want it.

             Not only is it fun and engaging to see your time and your stats go up on the app, exercising itself is a wonderful activity for physical health and condition, and the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope helps push this forward and onwards to more physical activity.


 Above: Middle of one of the jumps, my cadence was off a bit and I had to work to clear the rope sometimes. It’s quite fun to use, however.

             You can set the app to different levels of skipping or different rhythms when using it. You can also, of course, set time goals or goals based on numbers of skips. As an example, you can set the app to allow you to jump rope for ten minutes, or five hundred skips -- whichever comes first. This can all be adjusted whenever you like, so if you prefer a harder pace, you can crank it up a notch. Or, if you prefer to take it slow with gradual improvements, that is available to you as well.

            In terms of actually using the jump rope, it functions just as a regular jump rope would, with the additional factor of being able to use the app to tell you how many jumps to do or how long to go for. Besides that, it’s a very high quality jump rope that’s not likely to break or incur any damage, even if you use it in a rough sort of manner.

             As an example, I’ve personally dropped the rope several times, stepped on the PVC cord, and just in general have not handled it with the gentlest manner: but it still keeps on going without even the slightest issue or hiccup.


 Above: I’m not the most physically capable, but it didn’t take me too long to figure things out and I was using the rope for a while. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t damage or break easily.

             The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope can be used however you want it to be used. It can be a tool of intense daily workouts, or something more relaxing you use to get in a bit of exercise, relax at the end of the day, and see if you can edge other people out on the leaderboards. You can take it seriously or not at all. You can grind yourself into the ground with this thing -- if you’re serious about jumping rope as a form of exercise -- or use it to try and up your heart rate on rainy days.

Conclusion and Overall Thoughts

            The Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope is a great fit for many people. It can be used as a gift, or you could just buy it for yourself if you’re into either jumping rope, fitness, or both. The product has an incredibly smart design and I personally think that it’ll soon be one of the biggest products in its niche for people to buy.

             It has three main things going for it that I think will cause this to happen: one, the price point of the product is at a great range. Two, the product is well-made and well-designed, with an accompanying app that’s better than all of the other apps on similar products on the market. Third, due to flexibility and quality of the product, it’s far more accessible than most products designed for exercise. It doesn’t weed out beginners or make people who aren’t particularly fit feel as if they can’t participate.

             Click here to view more information about the Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope or purchase it if you were so inclined. It has Amazon Prime shipping, comes in either pink or white, and contains everything you need to get started right there in the package.


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