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Care Guide for Your Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope

Care Guide for Your Fresh Fire Smart Jump Rope

Thank you for choosing our product to be part of your fitness journey. We want to make sure you are getting the most from using our product.

  • Please press the “sync data” button in the top right hand corner in the Home tab (in the shape of a circle with two arrows) every once in a while and at the end of your workout in order to make sure your data saves.
  • The microchip inside the jump rope connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and is designed to save up to 50 independent sessions on the hardware (if you jump 50 jumps, rest and restart, that's one session). 
  • When you press the "sync data" button, the data leaves from the jump rope to your phone, making room inside the microchip to store more data. If the jump rope is full, your previous data may reset to 0. Therefore, please press the sync button every once in a while then at the end of your workout.
  • Please note that the Record tab will only update completely once you have stopped your workout. It needs a few minutes after the jump rope has stopped completely in order for the app to recognize that the workout has ended.
  • If the jump rope starts making beeping sounds frequently, it is trying to let you know that the batteries are low. The jump count may not fully update if the battery power is low.
  •  Also, after you have put in your batteries, please ensure that the cap is fully closed. If the cap is too loose, then the batteries may not make contact with the device.
  • Please do not leave the batteries inside if you won't be using the product for a long time. Zinc carbon batteries by nature tend to leak if left inactive inside a product and will damage your smart jump rope!

As always, we stand by our products so if you are not 100% satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, please contact us with any suggestions on how we can better serve you!!

Jumping rope is a super effective and efficient workout that nourishes not just your cardiopulmonary system but also the nervous system. Compared to other cardio methods, it is also superior in being friendly to the joints. Thank you for choosing one of the best ways to achieve superb fitness!

Have fun :D