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6 Common Jump Rope Mistakes

6 Common Jump Rope Mistakes

By Amanda Mansoorbakht

 We all want that sexy summer body in the winter time. So what’s the simplest way to get it? Two words: JUMP ROPE!

Did you know that a short jump rope routine for only a few minutes a day can strengthen your core and activate your glute muscles? Not only is it great for achieving that toned body, Jump rope is a multifaceted exercise that can even improve brain function, combat worry, and enhance a positive mood!  Before you add a nifty jump rope to your cart and get started on your wellness journey, let’s discuss 6 common jump rope mistakes and how to avoid them during your workout to reap maximum benefits and efficiency!

Mistake #1: You’re jumping up too high.

Jumping higher doesn’t necessarily mean jumping better. Jumping too high leads to slower jumping speeds which totally defeats the purpose of accelerating your heart rate with a jump rope session. Start by jumping only a few inches upward and by consciously engaging your core. From here, you’ll be able to secure more jumps in per minute to maximize performance.

Mistake #2: You jump rope with your arms too wide out.  

Though skipping rope is a full-body workout, a lot of your jump roping power comes from your core and your lower body including your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. If you rely on moving the rope mostly with your arms, it can slow you down big time. For example, imagine a sprinter gliding through the track on a 100m dash. What does their body look like? Are they running with their arms wide? No, they’re not. They’re sprinting with their arms tucked in to their body in almost a glued like fashion. You must use your arms when jump roping, but instead of keeping them at a wide distance, tuck them in tightly. Like my old track coach used to say “never forget to pump the arms!”

Mistake #3 Your jump rope kinda maims you.

One of the worst things you can do is invest in a jump rope that physically hurts you. Ouch! The first time I started jumping rope I used a rope that would pinch my toes and ankles every time I would miss a skip. Remember, you always want to use a jump rope that’s gentle enough you can do it barefoot without wailing. Anything less than pain-free is a big no-no.

Mistake #4 Your jump rope isn’t properly tailored to your size.

A too long jump rope may make garage workout sessions impossible and a too short jump rope may cause the cable to keep hitting your feet. That’s why finding the right jump rope for your body type should be at the top of your checklist before purchasing a rope. By adding three feet to your height, you can get a rope that is a functional length. Don’t forget that thinner cables are generally better for speed (but not too thin!), while thicker cables are great for durability.

Mistake #5 You forgot to wear a sports bra. 

Though jump roping for exercise is typically associated with heavy-hitting boxers, researchers at Temple University concluded that women who jumped rope for five minutes a day, over a four-week period, had lower pulse rates, increased oxygen uptake and a 25 percent improvement in physical work capacity. In a sense, jump rope is very similar to running and I’m pretty sure you’d never go for a 45 minute jog without a supportive sports bra. Wear a sports bra during your jump rope session to tame the bounce. Your girls will thank you later.

Mistake #6 You are not making jump rope a consistent habit.

We are an accumulation of our habits and daily actions. After jump roping for the first time, it’s easy to give up. “I suck at this,” you might say. “I should just move on and find something that comes naturally to me,” you might think. In reality, this limiting mentality is only holding you back from true greatness! In any physical endeavor, consistency is key; especially at the beginning. Don’t commit to jump roping once or twice a month and expect any results. The moment you open your jump rope, you should have the mentality of a committed athlete. Having a determined mindset will seep into other aspects of your life, too. Watch your relationships and professional career flourish with the right attitude.

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