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Rosé Pink

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**Available within the United States ONLY at the moment. If you are in Canada, please order Midnight Black**

Compatible with iOS 10 or above. Android 5.1 or above. BT4.0 or above.

1. Track Your Progress on the App

You will get personalized performance analysis data on your

  • Jumps Per Minute, calories burned per session,
  • daily, weekly, monthly, annual graphs of your performance, and
  • the cumulative jump count while the session is in progress.
  • You can also see where you stack up in the world during any given week

Feel the satisfaction of seeing your progress!!

2. Pro Features on the Handles

  • You can train your cardiac efficiency using the HARDWARE of the jump rope. There are different modes on the handle itself.

           1) You can set the duration (i.e. 2 minutes) then start skipping to see how many skips you can do in the given 2 minutes.

The handle will beep and vibrate to let you know once the 2 minutes is up

           2) You can also set the number of skips on the handle that you want to  complete (i.e. 200 minutes).

The jump rope will measure how many seconds or minutes it takes for you to complete it

The handle will again beep and vibrate once the set number of skips is completed.

  • This feature is AMAZING for boxers, pro athletes, or anyone who wants to stay on top of their fitness game.
  • The angled edges on the handles help prevent slippage, and we provide them in different colors that are both trendy and timeless

    3. Two Different Kinds of Ropes in One Package

    • The Fresh Fire jump rope comes with indoor ropes as well as the long PVC steel wire rope we mentioned above.
    • With the indoor ropes, you can work out inside while you watch Youtube at night, or as you jump for 5 minutes every hour while working from home.
    • Now you can strengthen your cardiovascular health with this portable cardiac training equipment regardless of weather conditions and throughout all hours of the day.

    4. Adjustable, Non-Tangling PVC Wire Rope

    • The 9.84 ft / 3m long steel wire rope allows for individuals of all heights to be able to adjust the length. 
    • The rope is at just the right weight (weighs 2.8 oz) and is smooth, which is important for building momentum as you work out. The ball bearings keep the rope in the flow. 
    • Perfect for boxing, HIIT training, agility training and CrossFit! Yes double-unders are possible!
    • The dual hall sensors help keep an accurate count of the jumps. 


    ***The jump rope needs 2 AAA batteries, which come in the package. When we used our jump rope about 3-4 times a week, for 40 min-1 hour at a time (sometimes less), our Duracell batteries (the less potent version) last us about 2 months.***